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Battlestar Erotica
Recent Entries 
Author: YesSirStarbuck

Pairing: Starbuck/Boomer, Starbuck/Cally
Rating: Adults only (NC-17).
Content Warnings: Graphic rough sex. Mild physical violence. Female ejaculation.
Spoilers and Timeline: Miniseries.
Word Count: 1600 approx.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Battlestar Galactica, Boomer, Adama, Cally, Tyrol, Lee, the Vipers, the Raptors, the swank uniforms, the cute orange jumpsuits, the phrase “So say we all!” or any of the other awesome flora and fauna that appears in this piece. I also definitely don’t own Starbuck, but in my imagination she owns me.
Summary: Two hot-headed pilots, a little off-duty time and some built-up tension collide.
Author’s Notes: Set during the second half of the Miniseries. Makes reference to the Starbuck/Cally relationship I started in Bringing Starbuck Home and Welcome to the War. Forth entry in my Frak the Planet project.

( The Taste on her Tongue )
Author: YesSirStarbuck

Pairing: Starbuck/Boomer
Rating: Adults only (NC-17).
Content Warnings: Graphic femslash. Mild non-con. Physical violence.
Spoilers and Timeline: Miniseries.
Word Count: 1350 approx.
Disclaimer: Other people own the copyright to Battlestar Galactica and all its characters and situations. This story is written in good fun. I’m not making any money off of it. Don’t hurt me, please.
Summary: Boomer visits Starbuck in the brig and she’s got something to say.

( Clipped Wings )
8th-Jun-2009 03:31 am - New Fic: Nothing But The Rain
Title: Nothing But The Rain
Author: Jasmine
Pairing: Adama/Roslin
Summary/Spoilers:Set on New Caprica and Galactica (hehe). After *that night* but before the occupation. Bill, Laura, phone time, flirting and over the phone sexy times - and that's about as much plot as you'll find here.
Rating: MA

Read it here at my LJ
1st-Jun-2009 06:00 pm - BSG Porn Battle, take 2
six secrets
The second ever Battlestar Galactica Porn Battle will be coming to you on June 18! A porn battle is several days of ruthless, frenzied porn creation in all forms — fanfic, art, vids — based on fan-submitted prompts, and the posting of those works to a LiveJournal community for all to enjoy. It is a battle where EVERYONE WINS. In pr0n!

14th-May-2009 01:23 pm - bsg_bigbang is now open for signups!
Snoopy Christmas

Head on over for more details.

We're looking for authors, artists, betas and cheerleaders.
18th-Apr-2009 04:10 pm - The Travelled Road (Helo/Athena, 1/1)
i'm helo and i'm sex, helo and athena, the fighting agathons
Title: The Travelled Road
Part: 1 of 1.
Author: ninamazing, or Nina
Word Count: 1288.
Rating: R enough to wake you up on a beautiful Saturday morning.
Spoilers: Through 4x05 "The Road Less Traveled." Oh yes. This is what I believe the kids call "sweaty Demetrius smut." (And I will spell it with two "L"s if I godsdamned want to.)
Characters: Helo/Athena.
Excerpt: He sank into the feel of her small hands, clever and familiar, as one of the heating pipes rattled above them.
Author's Note: This took for-frakking-ever. So I hope you like it. :D

( 'In close quarters like this, everybody tends to feel a little insane,' said Helo, and yanked shut the thick steel hatch. )
Title: Gods of Lost Causes
Author: Fantasyenabler
Pairing: Mal/Lee/Zoe
Summary/Spoilers: Mal knows the 'verse is fair to no one, not even the gods.
Disclaimer:NC-17 for graphic sex and cursing, both Mandarin and non-Mandarin varieties.
Author's Note: This was orginally written for the BSG Pornbattle, but at a little over 13,000 characters, it was really too long for comment-fic, so I'm reposting it here.

Mal's pov on a threesome where he begins to feel a little outclassed.Collapse )
3rd-Apr-2009 11:30 pm - New A/R Fic posted, Rating MA
Check out my LJ here for new Fanfic, hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

love Jasmine

26th-Mar-2009 04:43 pm - Motherfrakking Whore (1/1)
A Dinosaur and Kate Spade Shoes Fairytal
Title: Motherfrakking Whore
Author: kiki_miserychic
Pairing: Tory/Laura Roslin
Spoilers: for 4x12 - A Disquiet Follows My Soul
Disclaimer: BSG not mine.
Notes: Written for thearchive2's challenge 02 - scripture with thanks to the awesome cyborganize for the beta. <#

Motherfrakking WhoreCollapse )
11th-Mar-2009 12:14 am - Morning (Kara/Sam, 1/1)
sammyyyyyyyyy, sexy sex sex!
Title: Morning
Part: 1 of 1.
Author: ninamazing, or Nina
Word Count: 1248.
Rating: R.
Spoilers: Through 2x19-20 "Lay Down Your Burdens."
Characters: Kara/Sam.
Excerpt: He doesn't know why he felt the urge to chase fake privacy, but it's their routine; it's his last chance ever to lose control with Kara in the place where Starbuck sleeps.
Author's Note: For leiascully because she is wonderful beyond wonderfulness and this is all a part of my plan to be HER when I grow up! Also for smut_tuesdays because they are the best days of the week! Fact.

( All her gear is packed. )
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