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This is an open BSG erotica community. Any and all pairings are welcome. Slash and het and some combination thereof is welcome. Ratings will range from adult to really adult to dirty!bad!wrong. Be sure if you're reading, you're prepared for that.

All members are welcome, allowed and encouraged to post. Only fiction is allowed. Due to some people being uncomfortable with it, we do ask that there be no RPF/RPS. Please post all fics in the following format:

Subject Line: Title (# of current chapter/# of total chapters)
Example: The Erotic Adventures of Jake the Dog (1/324)

Story Headers:

Author's Note:

All stories MUST be LJ cut and all spoilers MUST be marked as such. Any flamers or anyone disparaging anyone else's choice of coupling will immediately be shown the door. The goal of the community is to bring porn to everyone and hopefully, in some way shape or form, for everyone.

There will, at a point soon in the future, hopefully be a mod for all major pairings - Lee/Laura, Lee/Kara, Helo/Sharon, Gaius/Six and any others that show up on a regular basis. We ask that you have your stories beta read, that they have something resembling proper puncutation (but let's be honest, the comma and semi colon confound us all), and that they be porny. Which really isn't that much to ask at all.